Athletic professionals like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Rice used chiropractic care during their sports careers. You too can feel the benefits that chiropractic will have on your body.

Show up to the game with 100% focus and ability

Sure, you can use chiropractic care to address sport-related injuries and get the pain relief and healing that you need. However, wouldn’t it be great to prevent these injuries from even occurring and show up to your game in peak health? That’s what getting regular chiropractic care can do for you as an athlete.


Since 2004, Dr. Monica Fowler has been practicing chiropractic care. All our entire staff to work with you and help you be the best you can be on the playing field.

Chiropractic is helpful

  • Football – hits, fall landings, heavy contact, and strain
  • Baseball / softball – Swinging and throwing motions
  • Basketball – jumping, landing, motions taken while playing
  • We focus on the back, neck, hips, and extremities

Chiropractic care is a great addition to any sports regime. Through the use of highly specific and safe spinal and extremity adjusting techniques, physical therapies, therapeutic exercises, stretches, and correction of biochemical faults, you can experience increased performance and reduce the risk of injury.